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The Gallery has been redesigned and now comprises two pages showing buildings of interest in Twyford and Ruscombe. It is expected that additions to the gallery will be made from time to time.

The BLHA web site has been upgraded and now includes an Internet Forum accessed via the "Useful Links" tab. This provides an opportunity for all Berkshire residents to participate.

A DVD has been made of the conversations with Janet Sharpe and John Whiting recounting their childhood and memories of yesteryear. Copies are now available at a cost of 6 for the two disks.

The entire collection of Journals 1 - 65 is now available on a DVD disc, priced at only 10 each. A vast quantity of local historical research is therefore at your fingertips - and a DVD computer disc takes up so little storage space.

A video of Twyford & Ruscombe's notable historic houses etc. has been produced in which John Finch (Founder chairman and past President of the Society) gives an introduction about the founding of the Society, its aims and its progress over the years up to the present time with popular meetings and well-regarded speakers. This video is shown from time to time at various village meetings, but due to lack of web space can not be seen here. For more information if interested in this video please speak to a committee member.

Come and join in our friendly meetings and visits, visitors are always welcome.

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